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The Portal


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"The Portal" is a vibrant and dynamic vector artwork that transports the viewer on a journey through the universe. The piece is characterized by its use of intricate triangulations.

At the center of the piece, a bright and fiery sun radiates with powerful energies that ripple outwards, touching the planets and stars that surround it. The planets themselves are rendered in a range of vivid colors, each one unique and distinct.

Beyond the planets, the viewer is drawn into a dazzling array of stars and galaxies, each one twinkling and shimmering with its own particular energy. The artwork is a celebration of the majesty and beauty of the universe, and an invitation to explore the mysteries that lie beyond our own world.

Overall, "The Portal" is a striking and immersive piece of art that inspires wonder and curiosity, inviting the viewer to step into the unknown and explore the vast and wondrous expanse of space.

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